At TollNet, we provide innovative technology solutions for the transport sector. We specialise in road user charging for highways, roads and other elements of the transport infrastructure, and cooperative intelligent transport systems within the C-ROADS project. Read on for more information about our products and solutions.

Solutions for the transport sector

Electronic toll collection

With the Billien 5 information system at its core, our electronic toll collection solution is an end-to-end solution for road user charging that is applied primarily to heavy goods vehicles. We provide each essential component for the solution, from on-board units, to information systems that support also the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), and on to equipment for points of sale. Our solution integrates seamlessly with banks, fuel card issuers, government agencies, logistics service providers, mass-printing services, and many more.

Video Tolling

This optional add-on to our electronic toll collection solution can easily be scaled up for all vehicles, including passenger cars. There is no need to install toll-liable vehicles with any on-board equipment as cameras and other control gantry systems are used to record vehicle passages.

Electronic Highway Vignette

Billien 5 information system enables a complete solution for the sale and management of electronic highway vignettes. Electronic vignettes can be purchased through any of the traditional sales channels, such as, points of sale, petrol stations, the website and making use -of a smartphone app or self-service kiosks.

Compliance Checking and Enforcement Solution

Our solution for monitoring road user compliance consists of two elements: a back office system based on the Billien 5 information system and control posts. The control posts can be either stationary, like control gantries, or mobile, like mobile enforcement vehicles. This high-tech solution is designed to monitor – either separately or together – compliance with road user charging rules at the electronic toll collection and electronic highway vignettes.

Products for the transport sector

Billien 5 Information System

The Billien 5 information system provides comprehensive support for all operational and business activities related to electronic toll collection and electronic highway vignettes. It enables the user to efficiently perform and manage all operations from customer care to rating and billing and on-board unit logistics. Billien 5 also provides support for the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS).

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Billien OBU – Hybrid On-Board Unit

The Billien OBU hybrid on-board unit is designed for installation in toll-liable vehicles. It is EETS ready, supporting interoperable technologies such as satellite positioning, microwave DSRC technology and mobile data communication, and additionally offers support for NFC and Bluetooth technologies. Billien OBU can work either in thin client mode where it collects positional data for processing at Billien Proxy or in smart client mode where it directly recognizes passed toll road sections.

Billien Proxy – On-Board Unit (OBU) Management System

The OBU management system also termed as proxy, collects data from on-board units – either Billien OBU or other supported on-board units – and performs management of on-board units and updates of their software and data over mobile network data link. The system also provides positional data processing for determination of toll road usage for on-board units operating in the thin-client mode.

Compliance Checking Back Office (Enforcement Back Office)

The Enforcement Back Office (EFBO) is based on the Billien 5 information system and enables automatic and manual processing of passage records taken at stationary and mobile control posts. Additionally, the passage records can also be used for video tolling purposes. EFBO also facilitates automatic detection of offenses, collaboration with transport authorities and the monitoring of control point facilities.

Mobile Enforcement Vehicle

A mobile enforcement vehicle (MEV) – or patrol vehicle – checks road users’ compliance with road user charging rules. Our solution allows checks to be carried out regardless of whether the MEV is stationary or mobile; it also comes with a work station for operational resolution of detected offenses. The MEV can be fitted with add-ons, such as police equipment, depending on customer requirements.

Control Gantry Equipment Set

A control gantry (control station) is a stationary control post that performs automated monitoring of all activities related to road user charging (electronic toll collection, electronic highway vignettes). The control gantry is located on a toll road and incorporates a set of control devices such as surveillance cameras, cameras with license plate recognition, laser scanners, microwave communication devices, weigh-in-motion equipment, that are integrated through the Billien Multi-Lane Controller system (Billien MLC). The technologies used in the system are simple and straightforward to operate and easy to maintain. Thanks to the introduction of AI, we can continuously improve control efficiency and optimize construction, operation and maintenance costs. Recorded vehicle passages can also be processed for the video tolling purposes.

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