Since its launch in 2010, TollNet a.s. has worked with several major customers on the execution and delivery of a number of high profile and significant projects.

Electronic toll collection system, Czech Republic

Sector: Transport

On 1 December 2019, after just 14 months, the consortium of SkyToll, a.s. and CzechToll s.r.o. established a completely new Electronic Toll Collection System (SEM) for the Czech Republic. This was a unique project which saw the new system – based on satellite technology – completely replace the previous microwave toll system.

TollNet a.s., as the general contractor, supplied significant elements of SEM using products belonging to the Billien product family. The specific products provided were the Billien 5 information system, which implements the business, operational and control processes of toll collection, the Billien OBU 5051 hybrid on-board unit, and the application software for control gantries and mobile enforcement vehicles.

Now SEM is operational, TollNet a.s. continues its support with the provision of extensive services to ensure the efficient operation and management of SEM.

SEM in the Czech Republic covers toll collection for 1307 km of motorways and 1102 km of 1st class roads; the satellite technology used enables fast and efficient changes in the scope of the tolled road network. The obligation to pay tolls in the Czech Republic applies to vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t; at the end of January 2020, more than 415,000 vehicles were registered in the SEM.

Electronic toll collection system, Slovak Republic

Sector: Transport

On 1 January 2010, SkyToll, a.s. launched a comprehensive electronic toll collection system based on satellite technology in the Slovak Republic. Electronic toll collection in the Slovak Republic covered almost 17,770 km of defined road sections on all motorways, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class roads as of 1 January 2014. From 2011, TollNet a.s. conducted a gradual, comprehensive renewal to facilitate the development of individual components of the electronic toll collection system across the Slovak Republic. This series of successful projects started with Billien 5 – the central information system – and continued on to incorporate Billien OBUs, to upgrade the on-board unit management system, the enforcement back officesystem, mobile enforcement vehicles and control gantries.

Electronic highway vignettes, Slovak Republic

Sector: Transport

For the SkyToll, a.s. company, winning the tender for the sale and registration of electronic highway vignettes in the Slovak Republic. TollNet a.s. created a complete solution based on the Billien 5 information system. The solution applied a completely new approach to highway vignettes in Slovakia through their complete transformation to a purely electronic format. Electronic highway vignettes improve the user experience of drivers and vehicle operators and enable significantly higher efficiency of the collection of charges. Thanks to the solution operated by SkyToll, a.s., the state administration achieved savings of up to 60 % of the existing costs associated with highway vignettes and saw sales increase by 10 %.


Sector: Utilities – Gas – distribution network operator

As part of an extensive project led by, Aqist, a.s., TollNet, a.s., played a significant role in the complete modernization of the information systems environment at SPP-D. Based on our Billien 7 product, we created a completely new back office system to fully replace the previously used SAP IS-U system and other associated systems. The new solution brought the customer significantly higher flexibility, simplification of the technical architecture and associated maintenance and integration requirements.


Sector: Energy – distribution network operator

Under the leadership of integrator Aqist, a.s., TollNet a.s. took part in the complete automation of the reading, processing, transformation, validation and provision of meter data to internal and external customers of distribution services. Our solution, which meets the global standard for smart energy metering (DLMS / COSEM protocol), ensures interoperability with a wide range of electricity meters from different manufacturers. This provides the customer with increased flexibility, with the ability to choose from the various metering technologies currently available on the market. Interoperability relates to not only the readings and control of the smart meters, but also the data transfer between the Billien eMDMS system and other systems operated by the SSD. The Billien eMDMS system can process data from more than 150,000 meters and still retain some capacity, which ranks it among the exceptional systems used in the power industry. The Billien eMDMS system is directly connected to the Energy Data Portal application that has been designed to support the delivery of energy data collected from smart meters about consumption and production to the users, and the collection of electricity data from electricity producers and local distribution system operators.

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