At TollNet a.s., we provide information systems for gas distributors, including processes for the gas market operator and electricity distributors, to whom we also offer essential support for smart meter installation and management. Scroll down for more information about our products and solutions.

Solutions for the utilities sector

Gas Distributor’s Backoffice

This solution for gas distributors is based on our Billien 7 information system. It includes support for the operational and commercial activities of commodity distribution companies (gas, electricity) – ranging from metering, through processing of consumption and billing information to management of relations with commodity traders and end consumers.

Gas Market Operator’s Backoffice

The gas market operator’s back office solution is a follow-up to the gas distributor’s backoffice solution . It provides functionality for processing nominations from gas traders and balancing the gas distribution network.

Smart Meter Integration

Our smart meter integration solution has been designed specifically for electricity distributors. It enables the integration of a wide range of smart meter models from various manufacturers by employing an advanced meter data management system. To allow the electricity consumers and manufacturers to access data acquired by smart meters, an energy data portal is linked to the advanced meter data management system.

Products for the utilities sector

Billien 7

The Billien 7 information system forms the basis of the back office for both distributors and operators of the commodities market (gas, electricity). Billien 7 specifically provides accurate meter readings and consumption calculations, billing and payment receipts, and customer and business partner care. It also supports maintenance planning, procedures for processing nominations and balancing the distribution network.

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Billien eMDMS

The Billien eMDMS – the advanced meter data management system – is designed to work with a wide range of smart meters, supporting communication through the DLMS / COSEM protocol family. Compatibility with dozens of smart meter models from various manufacturers has been accurately and successfully tested.

Energy Data Portal for Smart Meter Users

The Energy Data Portal application links to Billien eMDMS and has been designed to support the delivery of energy data collected from smart meters about consumption and production to the user, and the collection of electricity data from electricity producers and local distribution system operators.

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