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New Toll System in the Czech Republic Launched

The 1st December 2019 became a significant day for the new electronic toll collection system in the Czech Republic (SEM) when it was successfully commissioned. The date closed the two-month pre-registration period for users, which, contrary to expectations, was used by fewer users than predicted. We are keeping our fingers crossed for SEM and those who take care of its operation and support; it will prove itself during the three-month trial operation period that has just started and that includes the high-volume, pre-Christmas period.

In just fourteen months, SEM was built for the Czech Republic by a consortium of SkyToll, a.s. and CzechToll s.r.o. The core of the system is the Billien 5 information system from TollNet a.s. – the main subcontractor of the consortium. Following deployment in the Slovak Republic, the Electronic Toll System project in the Czech Republic with Billien 5 became the second large-scale toll project of national importance. As well as supplying Billien 5, TollNet a.s. also supplied Billien OBU 5051 on-board units for the SEM project and secured the construction of new control stations. It also supplied equipment for existing control stations as well as brand new patrol vehicles for customs inspections and delivered other products and services to ensure the project’s success.

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